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Personalised Greeting Cards from Moonpig

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Patrol Scores Update

Hawks 552
Falcons 601
Eagles 533
Kestrels 499
Seagulls 466

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Panto Time

On no it isn’t ….. Oh Yes it is…..

Yes, it’s that time of year again. We have a great offer from the Lowestoft Players to watch their panto this year. Oh no we haven’t … Oh yes we have…

Bring all the family to see Beauty And The Beast at the Lowestoft Marina.

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Merry Christmas

1st Caister On Sea Scout Group would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year.

See you on 8th January.

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For those that attended, what for me signifies the start of the Christmas season, had a very enchanting afternoon.

The meaning of the Christingle was explained, songs sung and prayers read.

The choir of the Middle School treated us to some wonderful singing.

Then began the parade of the Christingles around the church. All the young people in the congregation were invited up to collect a Christingle each, they then paraded around the church with them lit and the lights dimmed. It was indeed very enchanting.

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It’s Craft Night

What a mess glitter can make!!!

There were various crafts this week for the Scouts to take part in. Cards, cotton bud stars, card stars and Christmas trees.

Some specifically enjoyed hairdressing with glitter!

Don’t forget Sunday is the Christingle Service, be there for 3:15pm.

It’s party time next week.

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Patrol Scores

Eagles 533
Falcons 601
Hawks 552
Kestrels 499
Seaguls 466

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Daft Proficiency Badges

The Scouts were asked to use thier Creative Expressions tonight. The task was to Create a badge that they would like to work on, drawing it and making up to 3 requirements to gain this badge.

…….and there was a lot of Creative Expression!

The “Annoy Your Leader” Badge.

1. To be able to make him shout.
2. To make him give you the “Evil Stare”.
3. To make him go Red In The Face.
4. Make him a cup of tea to cool him down.
Thanks Poppy & Holly

“Skip Days Of The Week” Badge

Skip Days
1. Buy a time machine.
2. Set it for 1 week ahead.
3. Use it.
4. After you have used it use it again and go back with proof.

The “Become A Flower” Badge

1. Buy a very big pot.
2. Buy some flower seeds and eat them.
3. Buy some compost.
4. Get in the pot with the compost.
5. Water yourself every week and keep in the sun and grow.

“Reading Badge”

1. You have to have at least 10 books.
2. Read 10 books in one day.
3. Donsome questions and answer them.
4. Read one book every day for 3 weeks.
! and you’ve got it!

The “How To Knit A Sock” Badge

Knit A Sock
1. Have some wool and needles.
2. Come to Scouts otherwise you will neava get dis badge.
3. Knit a sock.
4. Wear the sock.
5. Do it again for the other foot.

The “Pink” Badge

It's Pink
1. Wear pink for two whole days.
2. Create something pink to wear.
3. Dress a boy in pink !!!!
4. Try and sell the boy in pink.
Chloe & Abbie

The “Football” Badge

1. Do a presentation about football.
2. Show the Scouts and Leaders a couple of footie tricks.
3. Play a match against the adults.
4. Know the rules

The “No Sleep For A Week” Badge

No Sleep For A Week

1. Don’t sleep.
2. Don’t sleep.
4. Don’t sleep.
5. Zzzzzzzz I’m asleep !!

The “X-Box 360” Badge

1. Buy an X-Box 360 with Halo 3 and Call Of Duty World At War.
2. Connect to X-Box Live for a year.
3. Stay up on X-Box Live for 12 hours with no breaks ( to do this, drink coffee).
4. Buy a second controller
5. Unlock all achievements and get a gamescore of 1000,000,000,000.
6. Call your X-Box Live Gamertag “ive gone green” if it’s avaliable.

“Dance With You Mum” Badge

Dance With Your Mum

1. Have a mum.
2. Go to Scouts.
3. Rent a disco.
4. Dance with your mum all night.
5. (In front of 100 people)
6. You have to dance.
7. One of the songs has to be Dance With You Mum All Night.
8. Make sure you can dance.

“Baseball” Badge


1. Buy a baseball.
2. Buy a bat.
3. Get a pitcher.
4. Hit 10 balls without 1 miss.

“Canoeing” Badge

Canoe Badge

1. Carry the canoe to the water.
2. Get in the canoe.
3. Canoe 1 mile.
4. Get out of the canoe.

“Smelly Feet” Badge

Smelly Feet

1. Smell brother/sisters feet.
2. Wear no shoes all night.
3. Try and put your foot over your head.
4. Do the Irish Riverdance.

The “Christmas” Badge

Christmas Badge






1. Learn to sing Christmas songs.
2. Do Christmas food.

“How To Make A Table And Many Other Things” Badge

How To Make Many Things

1. Get some wood and glue.
2. Stick it together in a wierd firm.
3. Bring it to Scouts
4. And smash it!

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District Carol Service

Beavers, Cubs & Scouts from Caister along with their leaders attended the District Carol Service, celebrating the start of the festive season.

The collection from the service will be donated to Caister Lifeboat.

Also gifts were left for the less fortunate youngsters in the area being distributed by the Salvation Army.

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